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  • Kristen Collier

    Phil, since part of the high cost of being a sheep includes persecution, and since you’ve been shot for the sake of the Gospel, could you write a book about your experience with the persecuted church? Or perhaps your biography? We had a bishop from Siberia at our church this weekend, and to hear those stories from the person directly dispelled the romantic myths some people have of this. At least mine.

    • Actually sheep don’t get much persecution. They just do what they’re told and move along with the group. It’s the one’s who stand out that get shot at. You should check out the documentary film we did called “The Insanity of God.” That takes a pretty hard look at how difficult it is to be a Christian in many parts of the world.

      • Rod Carlson

        “The Insanity of God” will undo you…in a very fruitful way. SEE IT!