Everybody Has an Agenda: You Need One Too


When Christians get critical about Hollywood, the gay community, environmentalists, or others, we always bring out the “agenda” card. “Beware the gay agenda.” “Hollywood has a secret agenda.” “This global warming agenda.”  I actually saw a comment on my blog recently warning me that “Hollywood’s agenda is to sell tickets.”  Duh. What a surprise. Here’s the truth:


How Directly Should We Share Our Faith?


A few years ago, I was confronted with that question while I was speaking to the International Mission Board media team in Richmond, Virginia.  They’re the men and women responsible for documenting, filming, and creating media for and about the more than 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries in the field throughout the world.  They also have the significant responsibility of creating media that local churches can use to generate financial support for


Should Churches Hold “Oscar Parties?”


Last night Kathleen and I attended the Oscar party at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Beacon is Bel Air’s ministry to the entertainment and media industries, and they partnered with the Hollywood Prayer Network, The Greenhouse, The 168 Film Project, and Christian Women in Media to host the event. More than 1,000 people showed up to see the Oscars, discuss the films, and have a really fun night. We even had a huge contest to see who could predict the winners. The question is – Why should churches host Oscar parties?


Burning the Koran: Just Because You Have the Right to Do It, Doesn’t Mean It’s the Right Thing to Do


In spite of calls from various Christian leaders and even our commanding general from the Army, Pastor Terry Jones of the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., will continue with his plans to burn copies of the Koran on Saturday.  The pastor of a small,  evangelical church in Florida on Tuesday rebuffed a plea for restraint from Gen. David H. Petraeus, who warned that a plan to burn the Muslim holy book could provoke


Don’t Be Ridiculed for the Wrong Thing


For most of my life, Christians were laughed at or ridiculed for the wrong things.  The non-believing culture made fun of boycotts, our protests over irrelevant issues, or crazy promotional stunts in the name of the gospel.  Far too often, some Christians took the “peculiar people” scripture way out of context and actually prided themselves on how wacky they could be perceived.  Sadly on Christian TV, it was our big hair, cheap suits, or tacky furniture.  But what really should separate us from the world are the things that