Presenters: When NOT To Use Powerpoint


Today, Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote presentations have become so popular that every speaker suddenly feels like they need to use those tools in every workshop or conference. But having seen them abused so many times, it wouldn’t hurt to consider this list of why you should re-consider using slides in your next presentation:


One Big Thing: How To Get Your Message Heard


When you speak before a group, preach a sermon, or make a presentation in the office, there’s one mistake people make over and over:  too much information. They try to cover too many points, and as a result, the presentation simply bogs down in useless detail. One important principle in speaking or presenting is unity. As the title of one of my books suggests,


Public Speakers, Preachers and Politicians: It’s Time to Stop Reading Your Speeches


With the possible exception of TV news anchors or others who have to relay vast amounts of unfamiliar material, I say down with TelePrompters, and most of all down with reading speeches. For whatever reason, I’m finding more and more academics, preachers, public speakers – and yes, the President of the United States – becoming totally addicted to reading speeches. Speaking on behalf of the audience, I can tell you that


Five Commandments for Becoming a Media Savvy Pastor

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As a media consultant, I have the opportunity to help some of the largest churches and ministries in the country create effective, high quality media outreaches. In most cases, they are experienced, committed Christian leaders who understand the value and the power of the media.  But I also have the opportunity to spend time with less experienced pastors and ministry leaders who feel just as called to use media in a meaningful way, but have serious questions like: