For a Religious Program: Are Religious or Secular Networks Better?

For the answer to this question, I asked Chris Busch, Founder of LightQuest Media in Tulsa, about the right place for the media buy for your religious TV program. His response? Placement of programming (media strategy) is driven by the objectives of the client. If you don’t know where you’re going, then any strategy will 


TBN’s Surprising Statistics

Paul Crouch Jr. shared some interesting audience survey results from Trinity Broadcasting with me that might start to change assumptions about who the audience for religious television might be.  Because of confidentiality, I can’t reveal the entire survey, but there are some fascinating elements that Paul gave me permission to write about.  For instance, here are the things that stood out:


Giving to Get: A Prosperity Update

Many TV evangelists are rich because of greed. But not their greed. It’s our greed. An earlier generation donated money to help those in need. Growing up, my mother taught us about those “less fortunate” and we gave because the Bible expressed great concern about the poor and suffering. But as I grew up, a concept came along that turned giving on its head.


How Christian TV Got This Way

A reader asked an interesting question the other day:

“Why is it that Christian TV shows do not use secular advertising. I mean you wouldn’t want a Beer commercial airing on your broadcast but what would be wrong with commercials from companies that we purchase from? Some would be car dealers, soft drinks, personal hygiene, etc.
What are your thoughts on this subject? Mine personally are we could get our programming in more stations if we did more advertising other than our own.”

Ron Rhone


Jesus Junk

This blog first appeared as an column in the Charisma Magazine:

My alarm goes off at 5:50 sharp every morning, so I drag myself out of bed and head to the garage where I keep my exercise equipment and treadmill. While working out, I often turn on various TV channels to keep track of the early morning round of TV evangelists. I’ve been producing Christian television programming for thirty years now, and I’m still amazed – and often shocked – at the junk some evangelists pitch on television.