Public Speakers, Preachers and Politicians: It’s Time to Stop Reading Your Speeches


With the possible exception of TV news anchors or others who have to relay vast amounts of unfamiliar material, I say down with TelePrompters, and most of all down with reading speeches. For whatever reason, I’m finding more and more academics, preachers, public speakers – and yes, the President of the United States – becoming totally addicted to reading speeches. Speaking on behalf of the audience, I can tell you that


Like Why Don’t We Make Inspiring Speeches Anymore?


My wife Kathleen and I visited the amazing exhibit on President Abraham Lincoln at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library here in California this weekend. Done in partnership with Dreamworks Studios, it was an incredibly unique and eclectic collection of Lincoln memorabilia from numerous private collections. During the tour, I was reading one of Lincoln’s personal letters with a group of young men in their twenties. After reading Lincoln’s letter this is


I’m Not Watching Your Online Video Because It’s Too Long


I read some research recently that indicated more than 66% of online video viewers turn it off at the two minute mark. True or not, it’s pretty close to my experience. For a captive audience at a live event, banquet, or other presentation – fine, you can go longer.  But when it comes to an online video – keep it short.  But I continue to see more and more corporate videos, donor development presentations, and promotional video projects at 8, 10, or even 15 minutes. When I ask “Why?” I get the same old answer: