More Verdicts Keep Coming: Pornography is Bad News for the Brain

Pigalle red light district, Paris, France.

German researchers are reporting that viewing pornography actually shrinks the brain and reduces neural activity. Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association they studied MRI scans of 64 healthy men and discovered that the more porn they viewed, the less gray matter they found in the areas of the brain associated with

Adultery And The Power of a Glass Door


Over the last year, there’s been a rash of pastors and other Christian leaders stepping down because of moral failings – usually infidelity.  Years ago, I met a pastor in Chicago who was serious about preventing anyone on his staff from engaging in immoral behavior on the job, so he made a brilliant decision – install glass doors in every office in the church. The fact is,

Christian Movies and Pornography


I thought I’d bring this one back from when I originally posted it in 2009 – because I think it’s worth re-considering.  I know I’ll get some hate mail with this one, and certainly don’t want to be offensive.  But it’s been said that from production and storytelling perspectives, many “Christian” movies of the past years are not that different from porn movies.  Here’s why:

Can You Take the Heat When it Gets Tough?


This week a major political candidate dropped out of the race because of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.  I don’t know the man, and we can’t know right now if the allegations are truthful.  But whatever the case, it derailed his political dreams.  Whatever you think of this or other candidates, there’s two very obvious lessons here:

Terrorist Leaders and Their Addiction to Porn

Pigalle red light district, Paris, France.

If you haven’t read Nicholas Schmidle’s fascinating feature story from the August 8th issue of The New Yorker called “Getting Bin Laden,” you should.  It’s an insider’s detailed account about what happened shortly after 11pm the night of May 1st when two MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters lifted off in Eastern Afghanistan on the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.  The story is riveting enough, but there was one aspect of the incident I wasn’t ready for.  The SEALs reported that after killing their target, and then collecting flash drives, DVD’s, and computer hardware, they found something else interesting: Bin Laden’s stash of

Human Sex Trafficking: Taking the Product Off The Market


Eastern Europe and the Far East are easily the two most significant factories for recruiting young girls (and boys) into the sex trafficking industry.  I’ve been in Moldova for the last week, and it’s pretty disheartening.  The Soviet era created a massive state-run orphanage system.  In those days, loyalty to the Communist party was far more important than loyalty to family, so children were warehoused into massive orphanages.  Once the Iron Curtain fell, paying for the children became much more difficult, and today, orphanages across Eastern Europe have fallen into horrible disrepair.  With broken windows, outhouses, cold water, and little heat, orphans literally freeze to death every winter.  Worse, when the orphans become 16 years old, they are released from the orphanages.  They’re given a bus ticket to their hometown of record, (whether they know anyone there or not), a few bucks, and sent away.  That’s where the traffickers step in.  Meeting the kids literally at the