Turn Your Resume Into A Ticket To The Future

Most people look at a resume incorrectly. Too many think it’s a document that tracks your life and career. But the truth is, a good resume is the ultimate calling card – it’s the movie trailer for your life.  A resume’s task isn’t to get you the job, it’s to get you in the door so you can sell yourself.  So now that you realize it’s purpose is to open doors, get yours out, and let’s fix it:


Why You’re Not Getting a Job in the Entertainment Industry (Or Anywhere Else)

Sometimes it seems like in the last three decades I’ve read a million different resumes, and interviewed about as many people looking for jobs. After all that experience, one big thing bugs me, and I think it’s holding a lot of people back from getting better jobs: The lack of a specific skill.  Here’s the situation:


An Important Secret for Job Hunters

Today, for too many job hunters are leaving out one of the most essential skills for a successful career: creativity. As a result, talk to a typical job hunter, and chances are, they’re doing the same things as everyone else: getting the right degree, attending job fairs, networking events, and scouring the Internet. But if you’re doing the same exact thing as everyone else, that simply means


“One Big Thing” on MSNBC

I had the opportunity to discuss my new book “One Big Thing:  Discovering What You Were Born to Do” on a new MSNBC show called “The Cycle.”  Great questions, and a terrific set of hosts.  Here’s a video clip of the interview.  The question is – just like these hosts did, how could you apply this conversation to your life and career?

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Before You Do Botox, Do This First

Ageism happens – especially in the media.  If you’re moving into your fifties, you’ve probably seen it firsthand.   Perhaps the easy job or sales interviews you used to get are harder to come by now.  Maybe it’s fewer auditions or business presentations.  Some have see outright discrimination working in a culture that worships youth.  Whatever your experience (and you’re bound to have one sooner or later) here’s a few ideas that will keep your resume – and you – looking younger: