Why Crazy Rules Exist


Over and over, I visit organizations that have incredibly stupid rules in place. One TV station had a rule that you had to switch between cameras every 10 seconds – no matter what. A church had a rule that you couldn’t change the lighting on the stage. A production company had a rule that you couldn’t have close-ups in a program. The list goes on and on – completely insane rules at otherwise apparently normal organizations. If your organization has rules like that in place – before you beat your head against a wall – here’s the reason:


Why You Hate Meetings


I’ve written a lot about meetings, mostly because I just hate them. The vast majority are wasteful, unproductive, and distract employees from the actual task of getting things done. But no matter how much I (and plenty of others) write about the evils of meetings, organizations still have them. Now, I’ve finally discovered why:


A Strategy for Engaging the Culture


Over the years, there have been many ideas about how Christians should be engaging the culture.  Recently, writer Peggy Noonan responded to  President Obama’s policy toward faith driven institutions in respect to his recent birth control initiative.  In responding to that policy, I found an interesting strategy for engaging the culture on a number of issues from a spiritual perspective.  Read her strategy suggestions and let me know what you think:


Nobody Cares About Your “Policy”

Talk to the hand

Kathleen and I are in Honolulu where I’m speaking at a international leadership event for the Salvation Army. If you know Kathleen, you know she can be rather direct sometimes. We decided to take a break today and go sit out by our hotel pool. It was hot, and when we got there, we noticed there were no umbrellas – except one. But it was closed. Kathleen went over to ask the pool manager if we could use it, and here’s the exchange:


When “I’m Sorry, That’s Just Our Policy” – Kills Organizations


I was flying to Australia.  The flight was two hours late leaving Los Angeles because of high winds in New York where it originated, but they finally turned it around and we all boarded at 1:15am LA time.  When we sat down in Business Class, they had an extensive custom menu form to fill out – two pages worth.  It was nice, and allowed us to order what we wanted when we wanted it.  But after taking the time for Kathleen and I (and the rest of the passengers) to fill out the forms, I handed it to the flight attendant who said,


Stop Following the Rules!


No, this isn’t going to be another article on the importance of throwing the rules out the window, being creative, and not holding back (although those things are important at times). No, this is my pet peeve about people who slavishly follow the rules without any care in the world for the reason those rules were put in place. People who follow policies to the letter, even when it undermines the purpose of those policies. It may sound strange, but stay with me here, and you’ll see something significant: