Episode 39: Open Media Revolution: The Shift That Will Change Everything you Know about Media

Download episode 39 Open Media Revolution (27 MB)

We are in the middle of the greatest change since the invention
of the printing press. This digital media transformation is more
than watching movies on a mobile phone or having a Facebook
page. It’s a fundamental revolution that will impact the way we
do business, politics, education, relationships, and even worship.

With his book “Branding Faith,” Phil Cooke changed
everything you know about branding, and now he’ll help you
discover how current media changes are impacting culture,
and what your organization needs to do to be ready.

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Episode 38: Fix What’s There or Start Over?

Download episode 38: Fix What’s There or Start Over? (19 MB)

Phil Cooke discusses when to make small changes in your media planning and when to gut it all and just start over.  If you want a complete look, feel, and solution that expresses who you are, don’t do it by patchwork.  Sometimes, you need to make the hard decisions and toss everything out and build something new.

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Episode 37: The Importance of Brand Unity

Download episode 37: The Importance of Brand Unity (15 MB).

Does everything you do express the same story?  Does your print materials, website, videos, media programming and more share the same identity, look, and feeling?  In a media-cluttered world, to reach maximum impact, you need to unify every expression of your brand.  Phil Cooke explains the how and why.

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