When Employees Control Organizations From the Bottom

The Tragedy of Leadership Turned Upside Down

Have you ever worked for an organization who had a low level employee in charge? Certainly not by title, but through his or her behavior, they virtually ran the organization. Here’s one I encountered a few years ago: An employee at a large Christian ministry was responsible for scheduling outreaches, volunteers, and equipment. The employee wasn’t a department head or on the leadership team in any way. However, the employee


Church and Ministry Communication and The Power of Being Consistent

A Guest Post from Dawn Nicole Baldwin

When our team at Cooke Pictures leads sessions on church communication and leadership, our growth strategist, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, always emphasizes consistency. I’ll never forget seeing a local church who advertised everywhere as a “family friendly church.” But when we visited on Sunday, we noticed a large sign that said “No children allowed in the sanctuary.” Inconsistent? Yeah. So I asked Dawn to write a guest post today to explain exactly how consistency can increase the impact of communicating your message:


What Do You Have to Trade To Be a Success?

The highest levels of performance in sports, the workplace, school, or the nonprofit world, never happen without trade-offs and sacrifice.  The extra hour an Olympic athletic spends training is an hour less he or she can spend with their family.  The extra effort it takes to win that major client project means chipping away at your personal life.  For most people, the illusive idea of work/life balance is an illusive ideal, because in reality, it’s one of the most difficult goals you can achieve.  That’s why I moved from


What Leaders Could Learn From How Elon Musk Communicates

Recently, an email went public that entrepreneur Elon Musk sent to Tesla employees. Although it was originally sent a few years ago, it reveals a lot about how communication is handled at Tesla, and the implications for other organizations – including churches, ministries, and nonprofits. Take a look and then think about how Musk’s philosophy could impact your organization. Here’s the email (which Tesla has verified was sent to all employees):


An Open Letter About Why It’s Time to Ditch Open Letters

The idea of “Open Letters” has become all the rage these days. You can find “Open Letters” in newspapers, magazines, or online addressed to politicians, religious leaders, CEO’s, and even to local high school football coaches. I don’t know who wrote the first open letter – and he or she may have had a legitimate issue and wanted to bring it up in a public space. But today, they’re so ubiquitous that in my opinion they’ve