How to Kill Your Career in 3 Easy Steps


Life can throw us a lot of curves. Our childhood, our parents, physical challenges, early experiences on the job, all indelibly imprint us with bad behaviors that are hard to shake. A woman abused as a child, a man whose father told him he’d never amount to much, a person who lives with insecurity. Big or small, they damage our relationships, the quality of our work, and our chances for success. But there are three specific personality “quirks” that really set people back from achieving all they could become in life. I’m not a psychologist, and don’t have all the answers for fixing these problems, but I’ve discovered that


Are Negative Comments Online Damaging Creativity?


Blogs have comment sections. Facebook has comments. People can respond to anything you say on Twitter. Social media is not just about being “social,” it’s about getting a response. The problem is, many of us debut creative ideas online. We try out the subject of a new book, or present a concept for an ad campaign or movie idea. In similar cases, leaders toss out new ideas to see what people think. But sometimes,


Five Habits That Could Cost You Your Job


Today’s job market is as tough as ever, and there’s a lot of competition out there. That’s why it’s so important to think about the details. In my book “Jolt!” I highlight the great quote by basketball coach Ed Macauley: “When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win” That’s why regular practice eliminating these five negative habits could make the difference between being fired or being fired up:


The 5 People I’ll Never Hire Again

Phil on set

Working with our team at Cooke Pictures, I’ve produced hundreds of film and video projects over the years, and in the process hired thousands of people. I’ve worked on every continent, and about 50 countries. After all that experience hiring and sometimes firing, these are the five types of people – on a film set or in the office – I will never hire again:


Driving in India is a Lot Like Life

2012-07-02 09.24.26

Driving in India is quite an experience. There are far too many cars, gas powered rickshaws, busses, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and the occasional herd of cows. On first glance it’s total chaos, people trying to cross, moving into the flow of traffic, squeezing in and out. The first rule of Indian driving is that traffic lanes aren’t a requirement, they’re simply a suggestion. But the great surprise is that in the middle of what looks like total confusion, there are very few accidents, and in most cases, those that happen are just minor fender benders. It’s amazing really. But then, after you’ve been there a few times, and made the effort to really look at it closely, you notice something important: