Have We Started Demanding Christian Leaders Sign a Loyalty Oath?

Businessman taking oath.

For hundreds of years as missionaries took the gospel to the ends of the earth, depending on the culture they encountered, the Christian community allowed them enormous latitude into how they chose to present the message. For instance, when a missionary worked in a culture steeped in polygamy, he didn’t start by teaching what the Bible said about “one husband and one wife.” He knew the key to changing embedded cultural behavior wasn’t immediate confrontation; it was the sometimes long process of


Why Aren’t We Taking The Digital Mission Field Seriously?


Since Facebook passed the billion member mark about a two years ago, it’s become (by population) the 3rd largest country in the world – somewhere between the United States and India. In that scenario, the question for the Church becomes “Who’s sending missionaries to that country?” Or “Who’s planting churches in that country?” Certainly many churches, ministries, and their leaders have a social media presence, but are we really thinking deeply about how we can


Terrorism, the Media, and the Online Battle for Hearts and Minds


Whenever I hear about church and ministry leaders who refuse to engage today’s culture through digital, online platforms, I’m reminded of speaking at a media conference last year in Madrid. It was a gathering of “media missionaries” who are using the media in innovative ways to share the Christian faith throughout Europe and the Middle East. One of the producers quoted Gilles Kepel, a French academic and expert on Islam from an interview with Arab World Media as far back as 2004:


Does Street Preaching Still Work?


This weekend, my wife Kathleen and I went to a movie here in Los Angeles, and outside the theater was a street preacher from a local church. He wasn’t very compelling, so I stood there and watched the response from people coming and going from the theater. Needless to say, I didn’t see any converts. Which led me to the question, “Does street preaching work anymore?”  Christianity has a long history of


The Influence Lab is Here!


You’re one of the first to see our new nonprofit initiative called “The Influence Lab.” As you scroll through the website, you’ll see what it’s about, but essentially, our goal is to radically re-think global missions in the digital age. The truth is, the vast mission effort is still based on a 200 year old model. But in an age where other countries send more missionaries to the US than the US sends out, our goal isn’t to send people from here, it’s to


It’s Time to Focus on Digital Missions


While we spend most of our time exploring the digital media world for entertainment, or the wonderful uses of new mobile devices, we often forget much more significant advances brought about by digital technology. According to The Economist magazine: “Opposition movements around the world are able as never before to swap ideas with citizens of repressive regimes. That is partly because of the ease of digital communication.” When I read that piece, I started thinking about how we could