Mastering Media Is Knowing What Each Platform Does Best


Too many people use media randomly, with no real strategic vision. Perhaps a friend recommended local TV, or a board member suggested billboards, or a church youth director likes social media. All these platforms and others are important, but they question is: Why? While I could write many books on the subject, here’s a short list of what differentiates some of the major media platforms:


For a Religious Program: Are Religious or Secular Networks Better?


For the answer to this question, I asked Chris Busch, Founder of LightQuest Media in Tulsa, about the right place for the media buy for your religious TV program. His response? Placement of programming (media strategy) is driven by the objectives of the client. If you don’t know where you’re going, then any strategy will 


5 Keys to Successful Media Management and Response

When it comes to media strategy for non-profits and religious organizations, one of the most important considerations is media buying. Getting your TV or radio program placed in the best and most affordable time slot on the right channel or station is critical. Too many good programs die when they’re put in a bad spot. Plus, I’ve seen times when ministries are having financial challenges, so they cut a significant part of their media time. Problem is,