It’s Time to Stop Worrying About Everyone’s Loyalty

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There was a time when loyalty was everything. My father’s generation worked at the same company for an entire career, professional athletes stayed long term with a single team, and Ford people would never dream of owning a Chevy. In those days, loyalty to a job was assumed. I’ve actually seen employees fired – not because they were incompetent – but because the boss didn’t


When Loyalty Kills


Pretty much anything – even good things – used badly or to the extreme can damage or destroy your organization or career.  One of those top issues is misguided loyalty – or to be honest, even loyalty – period.  Loyalty is a wonderful trait, and most leaders want their team to be loyal. But be careful not to confuse “loyalty” for “competence.”  After all, how successful can you be when you have a loyal, but


Oral Roberts and Me: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It


What can you say about Oral Roberts?  Kathleen and I actually graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa in the mid-70’s.  At the time, Oral produced the most successful weekly religious program in the country – “Oral Roberts and You” – and the vast audience he reached has never been reached by a media ministry since.  He became known nationally when his crusade meetings were so popular, he had to build a custom designed tent to seat the growing crowds.  In the 1940’s few public buildings could hold an audience of that size.  He went on to found the university that bears his name.