If You Love Jesus, “Like” This Post


The title of this post is one of the dumbest, most worthless phrases I see in social media today. It’s a cheap, easy way to jack up your “likes” without offering any real substance whatsoever. I’m ranting, because I see it used way too often on the social media pages of churches, nonprofits, and ministries. First – it’s puts the viewer in an awkward position: “What? Of course I love Jesus, so I must “like” it.”  But are you really engaging the viewer? Are they viewing your content, watching your videos, or participating in your online project?  Second –


Ya know, Um, Like, and The End of Civilization


Pet peeve time:  I keep meeting people lately who can’t get a sentence out without inserting “ya know,” “um,” or “like.”  Like, you know, um, I went to the um, mall yesterday, and like, I found ya know, a shirt that I, like, um, tried on, and it was like too big.  Ouch.  And if you bring it up to people they get really, like, um, ya know, defensive.  This even