Being Best Is Better Than Being First

Detailed view of a sprinter in the starting blocks

There are many brands out there that we consider the best in their category such as Google, Amazon, or Gillette. But those brands weren’t the first in their category. In case after case innovative companies (some ahead of their time) ended up in the trash heap of history. That’s a good thing to remember when someone beats you to the market with an idea. In some cases, the first to launch isn’t ready, the product isn’t perfect, or the marketing is poorly executed. In other cases, the


The Secret of Launching New Projects: Just Do One Thing


Writing a new book is hard. I put it off, and put it off, to the point that sometimes I start worrying about missing deadlines. But then something magical happens. The pressure gets so great that I force myself to sit down and start. I write one page. Then, the flood begins. It’s as if just writing one page – no matter how good or bad that page is – is the key. It primes the pump and the process


10 Rules for Start Up Web (or Media) Companies


Matthew Phillips pointed out this list from Evan Williams blog on “10 Rules for Web Startups”.  It’s been around for awhile, but the list is still right on. Truth is, sounds like most are good rules for starting up any media company.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s your experience?