It’s Time to Drop These Words and Phrases


Perhaps since I’m a writer, I’m a bit overly sensitive, but there’s a growing list of words and phrases that I’m really tired of reading in print or online, and hearing on TV. (TV newspeople are the worst.) Here’s my latest candidates for obliterating from the language (or at least parking them for awhile.)  Read it over and let me know if you have any additions:


I’m Getting Over the Word “Community”

I’m getting over the word “community.”   Sure I like the concept, and I’m the outgoing guy  – the life of the party.  I love being around people.   But it’s so overdone, it’s losing it’s meaning entirely.  Starbucks based a big part of it’s brand on being a “3rd Place” where people can meet and experience “community.”  CEO Howard Schultz says, “I think we’ve managed to, with a simple cup of coffee and a unique experience, enhance the lives of millions by recreating a sense of community, by bringing people together and recognizing the importance of