Should we Boycott, Protest, or Engage Secular Culture?


Karen Covell, Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network had an interesting conversation with an employee of a major ministry regarding their position on boycotting the entertainment industry.  Karen, (like most of us Christians in the entertainment business) prefer to think of boycotts as a completely last resort.  It raises plenty of money for fundraising campaigns, but as a strategy to change the culture, it simply rarely works.

But Karen responded to this ministry with such a clear and direct explanation of her position, I thought it worth posting. With Karen’s permission, here’s her letter:


The National Media Prayer Breakfast


I just left the fourth annual National Media Prayer Breakfast at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. Powerful event. If nothing else, it’s quite remarkable that 700 people – mostly Hollywood professionals –  come together in a highly visible way to pray for individuals in the entertainment and media industries. Founded by Dr. Larry Poland of Mastermedia, and now hosted by Mastermedia and the Hollywood Prayer Network, it’s become extremely respected. I was interviewed by CNN after the event, and while they didn’t fully understand it, they were amazed at the impact and reception in the industry. It’s open to anyone, and I would encourage you to attend next year. Although it’s an obviously Christian event, it’s not about being exclusive, it’s about being inclusive, and welcoming anyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Hats off to Larry Poland, Karen Covell, and the entire team.

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