What I Learned from African Media Professionals

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Recently, Kathleen and I had the opportunity to be the keynote speakers at the annual conference for the Association of Christian Media in Johannesburg, South Africa. We had about 150 leaders in attendance, and some had to be turned away. The attendees represented a wide range of communicators across Africa, from radio, TV, print, Internet, social media, and more. The attendance was the largest in the organization’s history, and as usual, the incredible experience taught me a few things about using the media to share our faith with the world:

Why Global Branding Means "Local" Branding

While teaching in Moscow, Russia a few years ago, I watched a block of religious programming on a European TV channel in my hotel.  I was surprised to find that of about 6 programs I viewed, only one had done anything related to local customization.  In other words, the program open and close, structure, and even commercial spots were the exact same as the program that had been broadcast in Cleveland or Tulsa.  It goes without saying that