Impact Isn’t Always About Numbers


ROI (Return on Investment) is an impressive business sounding term, which means in business, it’s important. If you’re selling widgets then you need to track sales, and knowing how many widgets you sell versus how much you spend on manufacturing, sales, advertising, and marketing is important. But how about nonprofit organizations? In some cases, tracking ROI is very informative. How many water wells did you build based on donations to the project? How many meals did you distribute as a result of the grant? The truth is accountability matters, and particularly when it comes to future fundraising,


Is Image Everything?


“Image Is Everything!” Could be. It’s not a commercial, it seems to be the mindset of many in America today. It’s certainly become a big part of religious media – I couldn’t even list all the TV personalities in the Christian world with multiple plastic surgeries. I don’t have anything against it – as Joyce Meyer says, “Who would live in a house for 30 or 40 years without doing some remodeling? :-)