What’s Your Opinion: Should We Own What We Think?


Anyone who has a blog or posts regularly on the Internet will agree that the most critical comments almost always come from anonymous sources. I can vouch for it on this blog and when I write on places like Huffington Post or Fox News. My biggest critics have names like “TruthSeeker” or “Light3945.” It’s frustrating, but I accept it, because it’s always been part of web culture – at least until now. Beginning on The Huffington Post, a new campaign has started to encourage people to


The Positive and Negative Power of Labels


I’m speaking this week at the Ultimate Life Conference in Orlando, and one of the speakers is an old friend – Delatorro L. McNeal, II, a professional speaker and performance coach. “Del” is one of the most motivated people I’ve ever met, and we became acquainted when he was on the set of a television program we were shooting. Del told me that early in his life he found himself stuck in a terrible family situation and, as a result, he was labeled an “at-risk child” by the local school system. As an African-American young man, he was trapped in the


Do You Realize How Much Competition Your Idea Faces?


You may have the greatest idea in the world for a book, movie, business, or nonprofit. But when writing my book “Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media,” I discovered that today, living in the most cluttered culture in history, you also have to consider how to cut through all the competition and get noticed. Want to publish a book? In 2011,


The Schlitz Mistake and What Beer Can Teach Us About Excellence


Pastor Mark Jeske in Milwaukee told me a great local beer story recently. He said that in the 1970s, Robert Uihlein, CEO of Schlitz Brewing instituted a string of cost-saving measures that gradually changed (and many would say cheapened) the taste of their flagship beer. He apparently thought the American public was just too ignorant to notice. It worked for awhile, but his strategy was eventually outed, and the word of mouth from angry customers caused a free fall in sales. In about 15 years the company lost 90% of its market cap and was finally sold to Stroh’s. One of America’s most popular beer brands crumbled, largely because 


Washington Post Names “One Big Thing” to Top 5 Business Books of 2012

One Big Thing

The Washington Post newspaper has named One Big Thing to it’s list of top five business books of 2012.  This is on the heels of being named to the top 10 business books in Austria.  It’s great when the business community sees the impact of a book that helps people discover their purpose.  Have you discovered yours?  Order your copy today of the book, audio book, or digital download, and in 2013 turn around your career and your life!  


Who Are You? (In 5 Words or Less)


Today’s personal branding challenge:  Describe yourself in five words or less.  What is it that defines you, captures your story, and makes you stand out from the pack?  Like a movie log line, being able to pitch or describe yourself in five words or less, is a valuable tool.  The next time you meet a potential funder, a producer for your project, a future boss, publisher, agent etc – you may only have a minute or two to


Two “Unique” Christmas Gifts


I have two great Christmas gift ideas for this year, and you can order them in plenty of time for Christmas.  My latest book is “Unique:  Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media.”  If you’re a leader, artist, filmmaker, creative, pastor, business or nonprofit leader, you need this book on your shelf.  A number of leaders are buying multiple copies for their leadership team, communications team, and board of directors.  This is the most definitive book on