Five Church Outreach Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

It's Time to Get Serious About Reaching the Spanish Speaking Community

The annual Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration could be a great opportunity to draw the attention of the Hispanic community to the Gospel. So I asked my friend Ivan Leon, Founder & Chief Strategist of the Kerux Group who develops trend analysis, cultural insights, and best practices for reaching the Hispanic audience to share some ideas for how churches can reach this growing community:


This Christmas: Not Everything That Interrupts Us Is A Distraction

You know who you are:  you’re running around, stressed out, worried about gifts, frantic, and overwhelmed. We actually get a bit angry and snap at anyone who interrupts our list of things to do before Christmas.  But I saw a Twitter post yesterday that brought me back to reality:  “2016 was the worst,” declares an alive human using a mobile device on WiFi while eating food and drinking clean water in warm house.”  Yes, distractions are frustrating for us productive types. We live in the most distracted age in the history of the world. If you’ve read this blog for very long, you know the stats – we’re checking our email incessantly, focused on social media, always driven by the fear that we might just be missing something. In fact, in my experience over the last decade, most people don’t fail because they’re not qualified, don’t work hard enough, or are incompetent. Today, most people fail simply because


The Culture’s Forced March of “Inclusivity” Continues Through The Holidays

As the impact of Christianity on the holiday season continues to decline, the hoops people jump through to justify the “reason for the season” become ridiculous – even comic. In the latest effort to be “inclusive” during Christmas – and not hurt anyone’s feelings (horror), Cornell University released guidelines for seasonal displays on campus:


If You’re Reading This, Then STOP

Hey – it’s Christmas!  What are you doing reading my blog?  Now shut down the computer and get back to your family, friends, or whoever.   Read the Nativity story in the gospels.  Watch a classic Christmas movie.  Spend time with people you love – even if it means your mother in law or crazy uncle Bob.  Go.  Shut down cyberville and enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.


Forget Halloween, Let’s Celebrate “Jesusween!”

OK, I’m not against trying to do something positive on Halloween, but this is so wrong on so many levels.  Maybe we start with the “ween” thing?  If you attempt to offer a positive alternative to something so deeply imbedded in the culture, then at least don’t do it in a way that invites ridicule.  Am I wrong here?  If you think it’s a joke, here’s the full story.  I’m sure Jesusween is a sincere attempt, (I’m sorry.  I laugh every time I say it) but believe me, this doesn’t help the cause.

Anyone think I’m a ween here?

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Prevent “The Easter Pageant Nightmare”

Every Spring, church media producers across the country begin a time honored and terrifying ritual:  “The Church Easter Pageant”.   These local, church sponsored theatrical presentations are usually videotaped for archives or bookstore sales, and although everyone begins the process with high hopes, they often leave media producers weeping, or screaming hysterically promising never to do it again.  Most producers are nearly finished working on this year’s presentation, but in an effort to help you keep both your sanity and family intact, here are a few tips from the Cooke Pictures archives to make this – or next Easter season a little more joyful: