Be Cautious When Hiring Your Family


Although nearly every church, ministry, or non-profit client I’ve ever known hires their family, I always urge caution when doing it.  Sure – there’s nothing we’d all like better than to hire our spouse, children, or other relatives.  The idea of a “family company” sounds great.  But in truth, it doesn’t work as well as you think.  Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki is direct and too the point, but worth listening to when he says: 


The 5 People I’ll Never Hire Again

Phil on set

Working with our team at Cooke Pictures, I’ve produced hundreds of film and video projects over the years, and in the process hired thousands of people. I’ve worked on every continent, and about 50 countries. After all that experience hiring and sometimes firing, these are the five types of people – on a film set or in the office – I will never hire again:


Be Careful When Employees Recommend People for Jobs at Your Organization


A new study called “Tainted Recommendations: The Social Comparison Bias” reports that when an employee recommends someone to hire or promote, they might be hurting your company in order to boost their self-esteem.  The study found that employees tend to recommend people who they know can’t outperform them at tasks they feel they are good at doing.  It was the same thing with picking partners for team projects.  The majority picked a partner who wouldn’t


Be Careful Hiring For-Profit Employees in the Non-Profit World

With the financial crisis going on, a flood of people from the business world are looking for jobs in the non-profit and religious sector.  I’m personally getting showered in resumes, and a lot of our client churches, ministries, and non-profits are getting hit up as well.  The first response from non-profits is usually excitement – “Hey this former corporate CEO or Hollywood producer wants to come and work for our church!” But let me be brutally honest for a minute, because I’m not impressed.  Before you jump at the chance to hire a