Like Why Don’t We Make Inspiring Speeches Anymore?


My wife Kathleen and I visited the amazing exhibit on President Abraham Lincoln at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library here in California this weekend. Done in partnership with Dreamworks Studios, it was an incredibly unique and eclectic collection of Lincoln memorabilia from numerous private collections. During the tour, I was reading one of Lincoln’s personal letters with a group of young men in their twenties. After reading Lincoln’s letter this is


Words We Need to Retire


After a post from Rick Warren the other day about “authenticity” I Tweeted him that I wonder if we should retire the word “authentic” from our vocabulary.  Then, after a second thought, I wondered how many words we need to retire from our blog posts, articles, sermons, lectures, conversations, and more.  Even phrases like “I need to wrap my head around this” have hit retirement age.  At any rate, when I asked the question about what other words should be dropped, I got a flood of responses on Twitter.  Here’s a few my brilliant followers suggested: