Why You Should Be Using Google Alerts


If you’re not using Google Alerts, you’re making a big mistake. It’s not about being ego-driven, it’s about knowing what’s being said online about you, issues you deal with, or aspects of who you are. It’s almost like a free, personal PR service.  It’s easy to set up, and this is the place to start. Here’s the secrets to making them work for you:


Is Google Censoring Christian Content?


Recently, it was reported that Google’s search function would begin focusing on “facts” rather than “opinion.”  This caused a small explosion among Christian content creators concerned that if Google considered Christianity simply a myth, they would move it to the opinion side, thereby lowering any Christian sites in search results.  So I asked Nick Runyon, from Christian Vision to weigh in.  Nick runs the U.S. office for CV, and was formerly Chief Operating Officer of Global Media Outreach, so he has extensive credentials when it comes to online innovation.  I asked him to write a guest blog on the subject, and here’s Nick’s thoughts on the issue:


What Were People Searching For in 2014?

Open book.

Our friends at Google have posted the subjects people searched for the most in 2014.  It’s set up by category so you can browse through the different areas and drill down to more specifics.  There’s enormous information here for articles, blog posts, sermons, and essays.  Scientific American also posted some interesting insights as well as trending subjects that were searched on Google.  But remember, “Search” isn’t everything.  As Leon Wieseltier recently wrote in a brilliant piece in The New York Times:


Being Best Is Better Than Being First

Detailed view of a sprinter in the starting blocks

There are many brands out there that we consider the best in their category such as Google, Amazon, or Gillette. But those brands weren’t the first in their category. In case after case innovative companies (some ahead of their time) ended up in the trash heap of history. That’s a good thing to remember when someone beats you to the market with an idea. In some cases, the first to launch isn’t ready, the product isn’t perfect, or the marketing is poorly executed. In other cases, the


In the Digital Age, You Can’t Hide Failure.


Google isn’t just about search, it’s about reputation management. The river of information that flows online is a tsunami, and whatever failure you’ve experienced in your past will show up in a Google search. So get used to it. Today we need to embrace our pasts and live more transparent lives than ever. Even more important, we need to stop


McCain Rejects John Hagee Endorsement


John McCain has rejected Pastor John Hagee’s endorsement based on more and more stuff coming up from sermons in the past.  There’s no question that the Democrats are looking for revenge on the Jeremiah Wright matter, even though Hagee isn’t McCain’s pastor and just gave him an endorsement.  Is this character assassination?  Should McCain be tougher than this?  Either way, the question is, does perception matter? Absolutely. Remember, in the world of online search, Google isn’t just about information, it’s about reputation management. Did McCain do the right thing? Was John Hagee’s endorsement a liability to the campaign?  Or has he become a victim?


TV Evangelist Controversies – All Available 24/7 on Youtube.com


Youtube.com is becoming the hub of TV Evangelist Controversy these days. For instance, you can see multiple videos about the Juanita Bynum / Bishop Weeks divorce and reports about their alleged fist-fight in a hotel parking lot. You can even see a demonstration from Juanita of the bruises. Taking controversy directly to the web via online video apparently is the new way to seek justice in the digital TV evangelist world.