What Overwhelms You?

This blog is about how to get your story out there.  It’s designed for filmmakers, writers, pastors, musicians, business and nonprofit leaders – anyone who has an idea or story burning in their heart that they need to share.  But one of the greatest obstacles to getting your story out there is becoming overwhelmed with the process.  It happens to me when I’m balancing too many things, and get the sneaky suspicion that there’s something important to do that I’ve forgotten about. It usually comes when I haven’t been paying attention to my priorities, am over-stretched, and not taken a close look at my to-do list. When that happens, I usually get a wave of


What to Do When You Have No Way Out

I’ll never forget the experience of being fired. I was 36 years old, with a wife and two small children. After telling my wife Kathleen, we sat on the bed, cried a little, and realized there was no way out. But looking back today, I can see the jolt of that experience was the best thing that could have ever happened. Shortly afterwards, we began the greatest journey of change we had ever experienced, because I had hit a wall. I had no other choice, and there was only one answer—change or die. Perhaps you’ve hit your wall. Maybe you’ve been fired, divorced, financially ruined, hit bottom from substance abuse, been humiliated, experienced failure, or had a close call with death. If your life has been completely turned upside down, and you’re at the end of your rope, then you


Something Bad Will Happen to You – Are You Ready?

In this fallen and broken world, something bad is going to happen. Count on it. The question is – how will you deal with it? Some people get fired. Others lose a loved one. For some, it’s a project that doesn’t happen, or a dream that’s shattered. My wife Kathleen and I just remodeled our kitchen. I know the old saying that if your marriage can withstand a kitchen remodel, it can withstand anything. But believe me, there were moments I was ready to either sue the contractor or jump off a cliff. Dealing with that disaster taught me


Are You Still Carrying Wasted Pain?

A former prisoner of war was asked if he harbored resentment for all the years he spent being tortured in a foreign prison.  Although the experience had been devastating, he said he had no time for “wasted pain.”  I love that term.  Too many of us are carrying around old hurts and bitterness that we can’t fix and now is only damaging our lives.  This year, let’s make a new commitment to let go of those old feelings of resentment, anger, or bitterness.  Learning to let go is tough, and forgiveness is even harder – but ultimately carrying around that pain doesn’t do anything to the person we have issues with – it only hurts us.

“Wasted pain.”  Let’s lose it.

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