A Bad Economy and Rising Church Attendance

While no one is excited about the reason, this poor economy seems to have caused a spike in church attendance.   I’ve also noticed a rise in the TV audiences for many Christian programs, and even more traffic to many faith-driven websites.  It’s no real surprise that people seek spiritual answers during difficult times.  While I do wish more people honored God when times are good, I’m not complaining that they’re coming back to church – whatever the reason.  I think the bigger question is


Surviving Tough Times

I spoke to a group of Hollywood entertainment professionals recently, and I shared some tips for getting through tough financial times.  I think it’s incredibly important that whenever possible, we do our best not to let financial challenges distract us from our focus.  Although my talk was geared toward entertainment and media people, I think it would work for anybody.  Let me know if these suggestions could help you:


What Is the Culture Wrestling With?


In your opinion, what are people wrestling with today?  What are the issues people are struggling with?  The media would have us think it’s all about the election or the financial crisis.  But I have some doubts.  I think there are more eternal challenges – identity, purpose, meaning.  Some issue transcend economic or political problems.  What do you think?  Let’s create a list.