When Hiring Your Family Is the Smart Thing To Do

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When I wrote a recent post about nepotism, I received a lot of feedback – particularly on my Facebook page – from people defending hiring family members. It’s true that family-run businesses have a great track record. In my defense I did mention that I’m not 100% against hiring your children, plus I wrote that “In many cases, certain family members are doing excellent work.” In fact, I love it when my children help me in my own business. However, in retrospect, the post came off as

Be Cautious When Hiring Your Family


Although nearly every church, ministry, or non-profit client I’ve ever known hires their family, I always urge caution when doing it.  Sure – there’s nothing we’d all like better than to hire our spouse, children, or other relatives.  The idea of a “family company” sounds great.  But in truth, it doesn’t work as well as you think.  Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki is direct and too the point, but worth listening to when he says: 

Leaders: Stop Pushing Your Dysfunctional Family On Us!

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You might think this post is about reality TV stars, but if so you’ll be disappointed. It’s about the families of some pastors and ministry leaders. For a generation, many Christian broadcasters, ministry leaders, and pastors have been obsessed with the issue of family succession.  Obviously, it would be nice if our children followed us into our work. Having a strong and loving family is a wonderful thing, and I think it’s a powerful expression of our witness to the world. However,

Help Your Child Discover Their Destiny


Childhood is about creativity, and the more young people encounter new experiences, the better off they’ll be as adults. But on the other hand, every parent fears for a child who gets lost in the options, and simply ambles through life with no direction or purpose. Someone similar to what Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright David Mamet wrote: “Who does not know the thirty-year-old described by his parents as ‘still searching for himself’? By forty, this person is, by his parents, generally not described at all, for to do so would be either to skirt or to employ the term ‘bum.’”   A great life doesn’t happen by

Do “G” or “Conservative” Movies Perform Better at the Box Office?


I was recently interviewed by a news organization about the idea that “G” or “PG” movies – or movies that are essentially more conservative politically make more money at the box office.  While I’m not a researcher, and it’s a complex issue, I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on the matter.  Here’s my response to the question from the reporter.  I would love to know your reaction to the argument:

Do You Really Know Your Priorities?


I’ll never forget when one of my wife’s best friends had a baby. She was a dedicated career woman, who decided after a few nervous months at home that she would hire a nanny so she could go back to work and resume her career. Everything seemed fine for a while, until one day she came home from work to hear the excited nanny cry out in joy, “Guess what? Today the baby walked for the first time! You should have seen it!”  At that moment, the mom froze in horror. For the first time since her baby’s birth, she realized that by going back to work, all the “firsts” in her child’s life would be experienced by someone else. That jolt was like an explosion. She dropped her briefcase, called her boss, immediately resigned from her job, and never

Why Sexuality and Nudity is Down in Movies


Although it might be hard to believe, sexuality and nudity is actually going down in movies today.  And a number of Christian organizations are taking the credit.  Some raise money based on telling the public they work in Hollywood “consulting” the studios, and others say they boycott or apply pressure from the outside.  I don’t need to mention them, but they jump to the forefront when statistics indicate that sexuality in movies have dropped over the last number of years, and are the first in line to take credit.  But the truth is, that’s bunk.  Want to know the real reason movies don’t show as much nudity and sexuality as they used to?

The Impact of Too Much Media


Television use is now at an all time high in the United States.  In a typical home, the TV is now turned on for 8 hours and 18 minutes per day, and is actually being viewed more than 4 of those hours.  By comparison, the average American gets only 6 hours, 40 minutes of sleep every night!   That much time viewing television has consequences.  With kids, more than 170 studies going back over 28 years have concluded that

Why Nepotism Hurts Organizations


I started to call this “Why Nepotism Kills Organization” because I feel so strongly about it.  First, let me get this out of the way:  Everyone wants to hire their family.  Especially in a small, close knit operation – or a family business – it’s completely natural.  There’s nothing wrong with the desire to help your own family out in the business.  There’s nothing I would like better than to be able to help my own children through my work.