How To Behave In Other People’s Meetings


I’m often invited (and honored) to observe other organization’s meetings. For instance, in South Africa recently, my friend Alan Platt invited Kathleen and I to observe a meeting of church and ministry leaders from 50 countries, who were planning Movement Day, the goal of which is to catalyze leadership teams from the world’s largest cities. In a major event in October 2015, they’re planning an intensive week, learning how to serve their cities more effectively by advancing high-level, city-changing partnerships. In essence, they were


The Longer The Speaker Biography, The Less Experienced The Speaker


Let me know if you’ve seen this rule in action: Novice or less-experienced conference speakers have the longest bios in the program. I was guilty of this for years because I was desperate to make people think I was worthy of speaking at the event. I wanted to impress people. (I admit it.) But I started noticing major speakers have the shortest biography in the program. Why? 


How to Stage a Memorable Banquet

Banquet Table

I know, I know. I write on media, faith, and culture, but this time I have to speak out on a topic close to my heart (and stomach). If I have to attend one more poorly planned rubber chicken event for an organization’s fundraising, anniversary, or award, I’ll slice my wrists. Come on people, banquets can actually be fun, not the torture sessions we usually sit through. So if you have to plan an event in the near future, here’s some tips to keep in mind (if you don’t want me leaving early):