How to Deal With the Whiners On Your Team

Business People

Most creative teams are going to have at least one member who’s a whiner. Whiner’s focus on the negative, and thrive on complaining – often about the most insignificant things you can imagine. According to the Wall Street Journal, research indicates that productivity can be damaged by working alongside a chronic complainer. Exposure to non-stop negativity can disrupt learning, memory, attention, and judgement. The problem is more widespread than you think, because


Fixing Problem Employees: Keep Them Near The Vision


The great arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, went on incredibly risky expeditions in Antartica.  As a result, he needed to keep his men focused and motivated because it was a life or death circumstance.  But like every project, he had his share of complainers.  His unique strategy was to keep the complainers close to him.  So when he divided up work teams, he put the problem employees on his team.  He even had them sleep in his tent at night.  As a result,