Non-Profits: Cut Out Your Media, and You Bleed to Death

Churches, ministries, and nonprofits:  Never forget that outside God of course, your congregation and/or donors are your source – and your media platforms and outreaches are your lifeline to that source.  A few years ago a couple of national media ministries cut as many as 1/3 of their TV stations to save money – without realizing they were cutting 1/3 of their donor contact.  Now, years later, they


Sara McLachlan: Telling a Story with Data – Her New Music Video

Instead of producing a music video for “World on Fire” Sara McLachlan donated the $150,000 it would cost to make it, and then created this video for $15 instead. As she plays, sitting in what looks like her kitchen, information about the donations she made is displayed, along with the cost of making a traditional music video. The result is a powerful story told with data.

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