The Main Thing You Need to Know About Fundraising

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So many churches, ministries, and nonprofits struggle with fundraising these days, and there’s no question that in today’s culture, there are many challenges with raising money. So I asked Tim Smith (who’s been involved in donor development for a long time, and today is the Chief Development Officer of The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.) what he considers the “main thing” when it comes to fundraising. Here’s his reply:


Five Unusual Ways to Express Your Generosity This Christmas


If you’re like me, you’re always looking for unique Christmas gifts.  So I asked my friend Bill High to give me some unusual ideas.  Bill’s an expert on donor development and his personal mission is to change the way people think about the values of family, legacy and generosity – and their practice of them.  Here’s what Bill suggested:


Ten Ways to Cultivate Donors For Your Nonprofit Organization


I haven’t been posting regularly this week, since I’ve been speaking at the African Christian Broadcasting Conference in South Africa.  So I asked Mary Hutchinson from donor development firm Inspired Direct to submit a guest post on a topic that would make a difference for our readers.  After reading my recent post on How to be a Better Communications or Media Director, she began to consider how ministry staff on the “other side” of communications could be more effective. It’s great to have a brilliant and effective program, podcast, and website, but what can you do to keep those people engaged?  Here’s Mary’s top ten suggestions:


Nonprofit Organizations; Stop Asking for Money and Start Sharing a Vision


Over and over I get calls from frustrated nonprofits because they’re struggling financially or not getting on the radar of potential supporters. Sometimes they’re uncomfortable asking for financial support, but in most cases, they’re not really afraid to ask. The problem is, they’re asking for money, not sharing a vision. Look at your media presentations, videos, live events, print materials, and in-person contacts. What do they say? What story are they telling?  It’s not 


The Truth about Ministry Fundraising


I originally wrote this post earlier in the year, and this month a version of it appeared as my faith and culture column in Charisma magazine. I’m already starting to get some criticism of the column, so I thought I’d publish it again, and see what you think. Let the good times begin:

The U.S. government has given non-profit status to organizations created to serve the common good. Humanitarian efforts, religious organizations, educational outreach, medical services – all are common types of non-profit groups. They accept donations, and are exempt of taxation, which allows them enormous financial incentives and latitude. Therefore, in the case of churches and ministries, fundraising has become a vital tool that’s used to raise the necessary money to make ministry happen.