Shocking Research: Would You Prefer to Sit Alone With Your Thoughts, Or Receive an Electric Shock?

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I’ve spent years studying the impact of today’s distracted culture, but I wasn’t quite ready for the results of a new study by Science Magazine. Last month the magazine revealed just how difficult and unpleasant people think it is to sit alone with nothing to do but think. The magazine states: “In the study, participants were asked to rate the pleasantness of a number of stimuli, including an electric shock, and asked how much they’d pay (up to $5) to experience (or not) each stimulus. They were then asked to


In the Morning – Turn Off the TV and Open Your Mind


Typically, I get up early and head to the gym. When I get back to the house, I read the paper and then shower and get dressed for the day.  For years, during that time I turned on the TV and watched the morning news.  But a few months ago I decided to skip the TV news and just get dressed in silence. Guess what?


Can You Handle 30 Minutes of Solitude?


I’m having some knee problems, so last week, I went in for an MRI.  Because it’s a magnetic imaging procedure, when they position you in the machine, you can’t have your cell phone, or other objects.  There’s no TV in the room either.  Plus, they don’t want you to move, so I couldn’t bring a magazine or book.   So there I was, laying on my back for 30 minutes while the MRI machine did it’s thing.  Then, I started to get a bit twitchy.   If you know me, you’ll know that while I’m probably not A.D.D., I AM easily distracted.  At any given waking moment, I like to be DOING something – reading, checking email, Twittering, writing, scanning something – ANYTHING.  But I couldn’t