The Hillsong Channel: The Next Step in Christian Television?

A Look at the One Year Anniversary

As you may know, the former “Church Channel” that was launched by Trinity Broadcasting years ago has been rebranded into “The Hillsong Channel.” That means the creative approach you’ve seen with Hillsong churches, music, social media, and more has now been focused on a 24 hour TV channel. As we approach the one year anniversary of the channel’s launch, I asked Ben Field, who’s overseeing the Hillsong TV team globally to give us some insights on how it’s going, what’s coming up, and what it could mean for the future of Christian media:


A Very Big Reason People Follow You on Social Media

While there is more to life than simply growing your social media following, the impact you can have on followers is enormous. So whether you have 5 or 500,000 social media followers, there’s an important secret I’ve learned. I’m not a social media expert, but in my experience, one of the biggest reasons people follow you on social media is:


The Book Every Christian Should Read

Paul Among the People

Today we live in a revisionist culture, where the past is viewed through the lens of today. So no matter what the historical event, progressives, radical feminists, and too many academics (who should know better) look at the past via what we know right now. But historian David McCullough reminded students of Dickinson College in 1998: “Let us not look down on anyone from the past for not having the benefit of what we know.” That’s why when it comes to the writings of The Apostle Paul, scholar Sarah Ruden has done us a great service with


The Geography of Your Hollywood Dream

Where You Live Matters...

I get regular calls and emails from up-and-coming filmmakers and producers who live in places like Des Moines, Omaha, or Albuquerque, and want advice about pitching a TV series or movie idea to Hollywood. Some have even gone to the trouble of filming a entire pilot. Many of you reading this are in a similar position – you have a dream to produce a TV series or movie, but you live somewhere outside of the major media centers of Los Angeles and New York. So what do you do?


Is Christianity Making an Impact in Hollywood?

Here’s a Brief Report from this Last Year

Most Christians think Hollywood is a lost cause. In spite of the growing presence of ministry outreaches to the industry, as well as more Christians than ever working in media and entertainment, it’s easy to see after viewing some movies and television programming, that we’re not making much progress. But before we react from emotions, let’s actually take a look at the role Christianity played in some major movies this past year:


United Airlines and the Firestorm of Social Media

Is Your Organization Ready for Online Criticism?

For a Christian leader, the recent blow-up at United Airlines should be a teaching moment on the power of social media. You no doubt heard the story about an overbooked flight, and the passenger (who had paid for his ticket and was already seated on the plane) who was physically ejected for another passenger. Right or wrong, the incident was recorded on video and it quickly became the top story in the media. By the next morning, the social media memes had been launched:


Should Christian Movies Use Profanity?

For some reason, I’ve had a number of questions on this subject recently. I’m not sure why, but a number of very sincere Christian filmmakers seem to be wrestling with the subject, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the blog. There are plenty of filmmakers and critics who will give you a snarky, cynical answer, but the truth is, it’s a question worth answering – particularly if you’re