It’s Not Too Early To Think About Your Resolutions for 2014


We’re less than 2 months away from 2014.  And even now, I’m reminded that every year we make new year’s resolutions, and every year we fail.  We just can’t seem to stay committed, enthusiastic, or determined enough to keep our good intentions.  But the word “resolution” is simply another way to express the desire for change.  And when you discover the secrets to real change, your resolutions will start to stick.  Here are some tips:


The Power of a Leader’s Vision


What are the most important attributes you need as a leader?   The Creative Group did a poll that indicated that 34% of executives felt strategic vision is the most essential quality for successful leadership.  That poll was taken a few years ago, but I think it’s still worth thinking about today.  In the poll, advertising and marketing executives were asked, “In your opinion, which single quality among the following is the most essential for effective leadership?”  Their responses:


The Evangelical Did It, in the Kitchen, with the Lead Pipe


Check out this commentary by writer Bob Bonebrake, author of King of America on the portrayal of Christians in the media. Well worth reading:

It’s easy to spot the evangelicals in the movies these days. They’re the ones wearing the black hats.  We seem to be well into the era of the Christian bad guy.  Like the killer monk in The Da Vinci Code, more and more conservative Christians are being cast as the villains in popular fiction and political comment these days.  I’ve recently seen a host of television dramas with hypocritical ministers and priests revealed as


Advertising Isn’t Just About a Message Anymore


In today’s cluttered and distracted world, it takes more than a great message to get noticed.  Some researchers believe we’re being bombarded with as many as 5,000 media messages per day, so cutting through that massive clutter has become just as important as the message you’re trying to deliver.  As a result, advertising isn’t just about the message anymore.  It’s about


Know Someone Who is Unskilled and Unaware?

Aristotle said, “Know thyself.” Sadly, few people have explored the possibilty. I’ve written before about the fact that lately, I’ve been confronted with enormous numbers of people in denial. People convinced they are gifted and talented, when the truth is, they’re the only people impressed with their work. Control freaks, who deny it. People with anger issues who refuse to believe it. When I meet someone for the first time, the first question I usually ask is “What are you really good at doing?” But it’s amazing how few people can