If Your Audience Isn’t Responding


It’s nice to create interesting media programming, but unless your audience responds in some way, you won’t last long. At Cooke Pictures, our mantra when it comes to media presentations is “action.” If you’re not getting a response, the first place you should look is viewer fatigue. In other words, is the audience simply tired of seeing what you’re presenting? Too often, we as programmers or advertisers get into a rut. Spots look alike, and producers use the same voice over artist, show the same graphic style, or tend to write the same way – over and over again. Viewer fatigue means that people are simply getting tired of it all. If your media isn’t getting much of a response, here’s some ideas to consider:


Who Do You Know That Needs "Branding Faith?"


Consider giving “Branding Faith” as a gift to a pastor, ministry, or non-profit leader, or business person you know. It’s tough getting the word out to all the right people, and you can really help by pinpointing the leaders or potential leaders in your network of relationships who would really benefit from the book and get it for them. Amazon.com is shipping “Branding Faith,” and you can still order from Cooke Pictures if you’d like one of the limited number of autographed copies. You can


The "Branded Building" Concept Announced at NRB


HOUSTON – The Morris Architects Church Design Studio and Cooke Pictures announced a partnership at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Conference March 8-11 in Nashville, TN, to bring the ‘branded building’ concept to churches nationally and abroad. The partnership between the two firms was born from their joint involvement on the Lakewood Church project and from their combined personal passion and groundbreaking approach in


Cooke Pictures and the American Bible Society Unveil New Dove Awards Advertising Campaign

Press Release: Santa Monica, CA, November 10, 2007Cooke Pictures, a television production, branding, and media strategy company based in Santa Monica, California has been selected to produce the commercials for the American Bible Society – the leading sponsor of the national music awards event in this year’s Gospel Music Association Dove Awards Presentation. The commercial campaign will focus on the mission of ABS, which was founded in 1816, and translates, prints, and distributes bibles to third world countries, soldiers on the battlefield, to churches, the inner city, and more. The American Bible Society has been in existence for nearly


Stop Following the Rules!


No, this isn’t going to be another article on the importance of throwing the rules out the window, being creative, and not holding back (although those things are important at times). No, this is my pet peeve about people who slavishly follow the rules without any care in the world for the reason those rules were put in place. People who follow policies to the letter, even when it undermines the purpose of those policies. It may sound strange, but stay with me here, and you’ll see something significant: