Four Steps to a Better Social Media Bio

The biography you write for your various social media platforms is critical for connecting you with people. In many cases, you don’t have much space, and with platforms like Twitter, an intriguing bio is one of the top reasons people decide to follow you. And yet, most people put very little thought into a good social media bio.  Here’s some key suggestions:


How To Increase Your Social Media Influence

Maybe you don’t think you’re failing, but the truth is – you could be having so much more influence than you have right now. You could have more followers, more engagement, and more results – but you have to take it seriously. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are fun – but they’re also serious business tools. Unless you start taking them seriously, you’ll never increase your followers or your influence. To that end, here’s what I recommend:


Are You Making an Emotional Connection with Your Audience?

I’ve worked with lots of non-profit and religious organizations over the years, and I can tell you that the most successful relationships are the ones where we were able to emotionally connect with the audience. I recently walked a way from a religious client who was creating a very cool looking weekly TV program. In fact, it was one of the hippest and most contemporary inspirational programs on television – the kind we’d love to have on our client reel. Their directors and editors did a great job creating very original spots, promos, and other segments, and the overall show looked great.

But when the organization’s leader