The Questions To Ask About Lance Armstrong


The reactions to the Lance Armstrong interviews on Oprah were pretty one sided.  Most people seemed to think he was holding back, offering excuses, or not being completely contrite.  When I watched the interviews, I wasn’t thinking about forgiveness, I was thinking about trust – and how to rebuild it.  So when Fox News asked me to write an essay on my reactions to the interview, I asked some different questions.  They published it here on, so please share it, and then I would love to hear your reactions.  


Has The TV Confessional Now Replaced Church As Well?


If you read the article by Read Mercer Schuchardt on my last blog about how cinema is the new cathedral, you’ll be interested in this “Variety” column by Brian Lowry on the “confessional” nature of TV. Based on the study that 25% of Americans have no one to confide in, you’d never know it, watching daytime TV, where everyone’s confessing everything…