Making Leadership Transitions Work

While writing my book “Unique:  Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media,” I discovered that far too many businesses and nonprofits struggle with leadership transitions, especially moving from founders to what I call “second generation” leadership.  Whatever transition you’re in (or see coming up), this short video is worth watching.  The stakes are too high to fail:


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What a Obama Presidency Means for Non-Profit and Religious Organizations

There’s no question that the political shift that’s happening in the country will have a powerful impact on the religious and non-profit community.  While a significant number of Christians voted for Obama, the majority of the major churches and ministries in the country lean toward the conservative Right when it comes to politics.  If you happen to be a Democrat, then you’re probably thrilled with the new possibilities.  Certainly social services, the poor, and government programs will see some new approaches and ideas.  Although a number of my friends on the Left are pro-life, they voted for Obama based on the idea that his