When Employees Control Organizations From the Bottom

The Tragedy of Leadership Turned Upside Down

Have you ever worked for an organization who had a low level employee in charge? Certainly not by title, but through his or her behavior, they virtually ran the organization. Here’s one I encountered a few years ago: An employee at a large Christian ministry was responsible for scheduling outreaches, volunteers, and equipment. The employee wasn’t a department head or on the leadership team in any way. However, the employee


Church Media Producers? Here’s My Checklist to Prevent “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Every winter, church media producers and communication directors across the country begin a time honored and terrifying ritual: “The Church Christmas Pageant”. These local, church sponsored theatrical presentations are usually videotaped for archives or bookstore sales, and although everyone begins the process with high hopes, they often leave media producers weeping, or


An Interview with Kathleen Cooke on her new Devotional:

Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God in a Distracted Culture

My wife Kathleen Cooke is releasing a new devotional book “Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God in a Distracted Culture” and because it’s based on extensive research about engaging the Bible as well as the perspective of someone who’s spent her career in entertainment and media, I thought my readers would be interested in the subject. Here’s an interview I did with her about the project:


Life’s Loaded Question: Do We Really Have a Destiny?

The issue of destiny is loaded question. Nearly everyone wants to believe in the concept. Atheists may believe that there’s no God, no purpose, and no point to life, but it’s pretty tough living that philosophy out in the day-to-day trenches. The idea of destiny gives us a reason to go on, motivation that our lives matter beyond PTA meetings, job reviews, and visits to the local coffee shop. The Christian tradition teaches that


Church and Ministry Communication and The Power of Being Consistent

A Guest Post from Dawn Nicole Baldwin

When our team at Cooke Pictures leads sessions on church communication and leadership, our growth strategist, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, always emphasizes consistency. I’ll never forget seeing a local church who advertised everywhere as a “family friendly church.” But when we visited on Sunday, we noticed a large sign that said “No children allowed in the sanctuary.” Inconsistent? Yeah. So I asked Dawn to write a guest post today to explain exactly how consistency can increase the impact of communicating your message: