The Hillsong Channel: The Next Step in Christian Television?

A Look at the One Year Anniversary

As you may know, the former “Church Channel” that was launched by Trinity Broadcasting years ago has been rebranded into “The Hillsong Channel.” That means the creative approach you’ve seen with Hillsong churches, music, social media, and more has now been focused on a 24 hour TV channel. As we approach the one year anniversary of the channel’s launch, I asked Ben Field, who’s overseeing the Hillsong TV team globally to give us some insights on how it’s going, what’s coming up, and what it could mean for the future of Christian media:


Have You Been Passed Over for Leadership Because You’re Creative?

Early in my career I worked for a very large media organization. Although I was the person in the media department the founder spent the most time with, and was the person who made most of the creative decisions surrounding the media programming – and perhaps most important – I was the person the employees looked to when a decision had to be made, I was continually passed over to


Five Church Outreach Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

It's Time to Get Serious About Reaching the Spanish Speaking Community

The annual Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration could be a great opportunity to draw the attention of the Hispanic community to the Gospel. So I asked my friend Ivan Leon, Founder & Chief Strategist of the Kerux Group who develops trend analysis, cultural insights, and best practices for reaching the Hispanic audience to share some ideas for how churches can reach this growing community:


Flash Marketing – How New Restaurants (and Churches) Get Noticed

I was speaking at a pastor’s conference recently and a pastor from Miami had a great question: “How do certain trendy restaurants open up and become what seems to be an instant success? Almost immediately, celebrities are standing in line to get in the door. How do they do that?” He wondered if the same techniques could be applied to a local church plant. In other words, how could we accelerate awareness for a new church or location? So I asked some experts in marketing to check their response. Their answers were wide ranging and interesting. Here’s what they had to say, and then I’ll give you a few thoughts at the end:


Leaders: What You Should Know About Your Team

Whenever I consult with a church, ministry, or nonprofit, I always begin by looking closely at the team. The employees are the ones that make an organization work, so learning as much as we can about them is critical – and I’m often surprised at how little pastors and other leaders actually know about the personal side of their team. If you’re not taking the time to know your people well, you’re shortchanging your vision. Having studied teams over the years, here’s a starting list of issues leaders need to know about their teams:


Will Livestreaming a Worship Service Hurt a Church’s Attendance?

Today, hundreds (probably thousands) of churches today are livestreaming their Sunday services. But in spite of those numbers, there’s still a significant number of pastors worried it will give their members a reason to stay home instead of show up at church. I’ve searched for empirical data on live streaming and its impact on church attendance, and I can’t find any (if you know any studies, please let us know.) But at our media consulting company, Cooke Pictures, we’ve helped numerous churches livestream their services and in every case, it’s been a positive experience. As I’ve shown in other posts,