Why Do We Criticize Large Churches?

Hardly a day goes by without seeing a number of Christians on social media criticizing large churches. Just like the Instagram meme in this post below, it’s assumed that just because a church is big, they must be compromising the gospel, not preaching the Bible, or some other lame charge. It seems that for far too many people in the Church today, large numbers of people automatically mean


The Next Generation’s Perception of Church

I had the opportunity this year to speak at a leadership event at Ivy Church in Manchester, England. The pastor is Anthony Delaney, who’s done a brilliant job building a multi-site church in a city that’s experiencing enormous growth in business, media, and education. As a result, Ivy has a great number of Millennial members and it’s making an enormous impact. Keep in mind this is during a time when many established churches are shrinking – so much so that many denominations such as the Methodists and Church of England are looking for ways to partner and sometimes even


The Shame of Today’s Church?

No, it’s not marketing. Not mega-churches. Not theology-lite.  Not flashing lights or rock bands.  The greatest shame of the church today is that as church members, we don’t bring our non-believing friends.  Evangelical churches in the third world are exploding – all without marketing, hip pastors, video screens, or multilevel parking.  They’re growing because people are bringing their friends.  We have to remember that we’re telling the greatest story ever told, but if no one’s listening, we’ve failed.

I think the question we’ll get when we arrive in heaven won’t be why didn’t you buy the latest video cameras, or hire a better graphic designer, or install the latest HD screens in the sanctuary.   More likely, it will be why you didn’t take the time to share the gospel with your neighbor and invite them to church….

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