Christian Movies and Pornography


I thought I’d bring this one back from when I originally posted it in 2009 – because I think it’s worth re-considering.  I know I’ll get some hate mail with this one, and certainly don’t want to be offensive.  But it’s been said that from production and storytelling perspectives, many “Christian” movies of the past years are not that different from porn movies.  Here’s why:


Why So Many Movies Fail

Hollywood Sign

There is no end to the opinions of why most movies – particularly “Christian” genre movies – fail at the box office.  Some cite the lack of quality, others, the over-emphasis on the message, others, ignorance of storytelling, and more.  But this post from Larry Poland, Founder of MasterMedia International is a much more comprehensive view.  After spending decades in Hollywood, working with professionals at the highest levels of the industry, Larry has noted the top reasons he believes so many well meaning filmmakers miss the mark.  Look over this list and let me know your thoughts:


Do “G” or “Conservative” Movies Perform Better at the Box Office?


I was recently interviewed by a news organization about the idea that “G” or “PG” movies – or movies that are essentially more conservative politically make more money at the box office.  While I’m not a researcher, and it’s a complex issue, I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on the matter.  Here’s my response to the question from the reporter.  I would love to know your reaction to the argument: