A Template for Launching Your Mission and Message

Our team at Cooke Pictures does an enormous amount of coaching and advising leaders on expanding their mission and message. Our motto is “Our Mission is to Accelerate Yours” and that’s a significant part of what we do as a team. Many of those leaders are understandably curious about how to launch a new nonprofit, book, ministry, church campus, rebrand, or other initiative, so in my study of how others get their message out there, today’s post is an one example that worked very well:


By The Time You See the Threat, It’s Already Too Late

There's a career killing bullet out there with your name on it.

You can take this to the bank: Far too many ideas, organizations, and personal careers fail because they didn’t see the threats coming in time. For example, the Wall Street Journal reported recently that big food brands are in trouble. “For over a century, brands such as Kellogg’s cereal, Campbell ’s soup and Aunt Jemima pancake mix filled pantries of American households that wanted safe, affordable and convenient food. They provided companies with reliable revenue growth from grocery shelves, and there was


Why Being is More Important Than Doing

You Should Worry Less About What You Do, and More About Who You Are

In the Christian community, the last generation of leaders has often been called the “builder generation.” These were men and women who accomplished great things – including founding universities, launching massive media networks, and building ministries with a global outreach. They were great “doers.” The problem was, far too often they


Why Success Takes a Lot More than Just Desire

I actually met a prospective filmmaker recently who moved to Los Angeles to become a film director. I asked him what he’d directed so far and he replied, “Nothing.” But that wasn’t all. I discovered he’d never taken a class, never read any books on the subject, never worked on any projects at all. All he had was the desire to become a director, and he was sure that


Paul Revere and the Power of Networking

In the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, he tells the story of Paul Revere and the start of the American Revolution.  Everyone knows the story – one day a stable boy overheard a British officer telling another soldier that tomorrow there would be “hell to pay”.  The boy ran with the news to the home of a silversmith named Paul Revere.  It wasn’t the first rumor Revere had heard.  He knew the British were up to something, and was aware of the increasing number of British soldiers and land and ships in the harbor.  At 10:00pm that night, he decided


Taking Initiative: The Difference Between Success and Failure

My wife Kathleen and I had the opportunity to meet with Tina Konkin recently. She’s an internationally known speaker, counselor, and coach on the subject of relationships. As a result, she’s been on major networks, spoken at national conferences, and helped thousands of couples heal broken relationships. We were discussing some potential television projects with Tina, when she said something that I realized applies to so many other areas of life – including