What? Sam Adams Beer Doesn’t Like God?


Chances are, something slipped past you last week.  Yep – it was the Sam Adams God and beer controversy.   I first noticed it when CBS Boston posted the story, and then a TV news network wanted my opinion about it.  It appears that the beer maker produced a TV commercial quoting the Declaration of Independence.  But for whatever reason, they left out the word “God:”


The Schlitz Mistake and What Beer Can Teach Us About Excellence


Pastor Mark Jeske in Milwaukee told me a great local beer story recently. He said that in the 1970s, Robert Uihlein, CEO of Schlitz Brewing instituted a string of cost-saving measures that gradually changed (and many would say cheapened) the taste of their flagship beer. He apparently thought the American public was just too ignorant to notice. It worked for awhile, but his strategy was eventually outed, and the word of mouth from angry customers caused a free fall in sales. In about 15 years the company lost 90% of its market cap and was finally sold to Stroh’s. One of America’s most popular beer brands crumbled, largely because