Amazon Drones, Audacious Plans, and the Amazing Power of Buzz


During the last week, the media has been obsessed with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ announcement that within 4-5 years he wants to start delivering products directly to our homes via drones. It’s a wild idea, and yet Bezos has proven himself on so many levels, the idea can’t be discounted. More important, when it comes to getting your big ideas noticed, there’s some valuable lessons to be learned from the announcement:


Being Best Is Better Than Being First

Detailed view of a sprinter in the starting blocks

There are many brands out there that we consider the best in their category such as Google, Amazon, or Gillette. But those brands weren’t the first in their category. In case after case innovative companies (some ahead of their time) ended up in the trash heap of history. That’s a good thing to remember when someone beats you to the market with an idea. In some cases, the first to launch isn’t ready, the product isn’t perfect, or the marketing is poorly executed. In other cases, the


Want Great Ideas? Use Smaller Creative Teams


I work with a few clients who feel like “the more the better” with creative work. They want everyone they can think of to be part of our creative or marketing meetings. But when it comes to brainstorming and creative teams, Jeff Bezos at says to keep them small.  Usually, when I’m involved in creative meetings with clients, most organizations want 20-30 people in the meetings and that’s just too