What To Do When Producers Won’t Read Your Script

If I’m not careful, at any given moment I could have a stack of movie scripts or book manuscripts on my desk that have been mailed to me, and are waiting to be read. In fact, it’s been that way too many times in the past.  I totally understand that many well-intentioned, passionate, and sometimes desperate writers (I’ve been there) are eager to get someone they respect to read their work and give them thoughts and feedback. But the fact is, if most producers said yes to everyone that asks,we’d have little time to accomplish anything of our own.

It’s a numbers question really.  Producer Ralph Winter (Wolverine, Planet of the Apes, X-Men) and I figured that in his case, it would take him an hour or so to read your script, then an hour or more to think about it and write down his thoughts and reactions. Then you’ll need a phone call to discuss it, which is 30 minutes to an hour. Before long, he’d have half a day invested in reading and responding to every script (and much longer with book manuscripts).

And what’s most amazing is that writers ask people to do this all the time without a thought of doing them a favor or payment in return.

Here’s a better idea: Check out a script consulting service like the Act One Program in Hollywood. For a few hundred bucks, you can have a professional evaluation, analysis, and for a little more you can get a personal follow up.  Other more personalized (and sometimes more expensive) options like Key Payton or Linda Seger are great choices as well.

It’s not about me or any other producer being a jerk. It’s simply not something most producers or agents look forward to doing (But Phil, my script will be a blockbuster!).

So check out a professional evaluation service. If you’re serious about writing, investing a few hundred dollars to have your script professionally evaluated is a small price to find out how good you can be…

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  • Josh Reid

    I learned this the hard, painful way, over many years. If only I’d read this post 20 years ago! :) – Ironically, now people send me screenplays and novels and guess what? – I don’t have time to read them.