What’s the One Big Thing You Want to Accomplish in 2013?

Why do our resolutions almost always fail? We mean well, and we have the best of intentions, but year after year, we just can’t seem to accomplish our goals. Have you ever been to a restaurant with pages and pages of menu items? At first you think all the choices are good, but it doesn’t take long to simply become overwhelmed. Research has even shown that people purchase less when a store offers too many product options.

The same is true with New Year’s resolutions. In far too many cases, we fail in our resolutions because our list is simply too long. So this year, let’s edit the list down and start with the one big question:

What’s the one big thing you want to accomplish in 2013?

If nothing else happens during the year, what’s the single most important thing that matters? What change could you not live without? Start there, and identify that one big thing. Then you can add from there, but be careful. More than a handful increases the chances that you won’t accomplish anything at all.

If you need some good advice on finding out that one big thing for 2013, check out my book.  It will help you identify what really matters in your life.



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