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  • Cooke Reader

    It's really good you're discussing this, and I'm surprised more Christian publications don't deal with it.  Certainly we need more accountability, but is the current "watchdog" (and self appointed watchdog) method the best way?  Thanks for being bold enough to put this on the table.

  • Mary Hutchinson

    The watchdogs fail to take into account if a ministry/charity is new.

    Let's say I wanted to start a ministry.  The first thing I have to do –since I am not rich –is raise the money to get started.  Therefore, my cost of fundraising may be 100% as I develop a base to support the work itself.

    So the deck is stacked against a new comer.


  • jsindorf

    Excellent article, and they are absolutely right. If you sort the Wall Watchers database by the ranking (1-5 stars) and look at all of the tremendous ministries that get one or two stars, then you will rightly doubt the usefullness of Wall Watchers. Joe – Director of Media & Marketing – GRFirst