My Interview with Brian Houston

If you missed our interview on “Let’s Talk with Brian Houston” on the Hillsong Channel, then don’t despair!  I’ve been friends with Brian ever since he asked me to teach his entire church staff in Sydney, Australia years ago.  Since then, we’ve stayed in touch as his team has planted incredible churches in major cities around the world, and now launched The Hillsong Channel on television. I was also the Executive Producer of the independently produced “Hillsong Movie: Let Hope Rise.” Brian is as good a leader as they come, and I was honored to spend time with him on his program.  Let me know what you think:

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  • Awesome interview.

    I love that you “build up” and are encouraging, instead of being negative and tearing down.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Lee Shoniwa ( Zimbabwe )

    I have watched many of your interviews Phil, and this is outstanding! One of the many lessons i have learnt from you is that you are focused and committed to your calling